Thomas and Anna Melendez Salsa Del Sol Cheltenham and Gloucester


A Beginners Guide To Salsa Dancing in Cheltenham Gloucester  Gloucestershire

At our classes you will be learning with the most experienced,established and professional salsa dance company in the area.


Get Moving and Be Happy!


What are the benefits of Salsa Dancing?


salsa is energising, fun, exciting and great for well being!

Benefits of learning to salsa include helping to get rid of any tensions as for an hour or two we are enjoying the dancing and moving along to fun upbeat Latin music.

Dancing regularly can also help to improve your confidence, flexibility and help you lose weight.  It helps with circulation and improves your sense of overall wellbeing.

Any form of dancing helps tone your body and improves co-ordination, which is good for core muscles. 

Our students say...

‘It was so much fun!  Thomas & Anna have such enthusiasm and energy!  They make the classes really clear and I felt as if I was on holiday with the music and atmosphere’ Jennifer Evans

‘Any anxieties I had were quickly dismissed by Salsa del Sol teachers Thomas & Anna Melendez….it came as a real disappointment when the class ended!’ James Davis Stroud News and Journal


There is no need to bring a partner, just come on your own or with friends.  No experience is necessary as we teach the foundations in the beginners' classes which include:

  • steps
  • timing
  • dancing with a partner
  • simple turn patterns for ladies, and
  • men interpretation of the music

These are crucial for progressing to the next level and once you have mastered these with our structured fun approach, you will be ready to progress to our improvers class.  Here you’ll learn how to do Cross-body lead, turn patterns and spins.  After a few weeks with regular attendance you will have your own routines to use on the dancefloor!

Unique to salsa lessons with salsadelsol Cheltenham  and Gloucester are the fun merengue, Bachata, cha cha and Kizomba sessions where all levels join together for a fun upbeat session to create a vibrant atmosphere and get everyone dancing.

How long will it take me to learn?


  • we recommend at least 2 classes a week
  • aim to stay and practise after the classes, this will help you to reinforce what you have learnt and practise your technique
  • repetition helps! If you take lessons in the beginning, many times a week, it reinforces things your learning
  • after two to three weeks of group classes you will usually be ready to progress to the next level
  • private lessons really help you pick up the style, and leading/following technique which can also really help (we are available for bookings, please call for information)
  • if you can walk you can dance! 


Salsa Dance Tips from SalsaDelSol Cheltenham and Gloucester

  • don't expect it to happen overnight - give yourself time, remember it's fine to make mistakes
  • purchase some salsa music - at least one salsa album (ask us about our favourites for beginners)
  • when in class, always face the same direction as the teachers you are following, so you can copy movements
  • count out loud - all the time, until it becomes second nature with your movements
  • plan on taking at least two classes a week, with at least one practice session, if you want to learn (more is better)
  • take small steps, and practise shifting your weight from foot to foot, staying on the balls (front) of your feet

Intermediate and Advanced

Our weekly intermediate and advanced classes are taught in New York and Cuban Style and we focus on teaching the necessary techniques to make you the best dancers.

intermediate and advanced turn patterns

  • leaders and ladies confidence on the dancefloor.
  • sexy New York and Latin Cuban styling for ladies and men.
  • fabulous footwork to build into your repertoire.